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Find Out What Type of Roof Fits Your Home from Your Roofing Contractor- Escondido CA Solutions Reviewed

When it comes to choosing the roof design for your new house or replacing your old roof, you should carefully consider your options and discuss them with a roofing contractor – Escondido CA hot weather is not something you can afford to neglect, considering that, if your roof fails to insulate your home and keep it cool in summertime, you will pay the price every month with your electricity bill, which may double as a result of using your air conditioning system for a longer period of time.

Your home is the place where you should feel relaxed and comfortable, and the indoor temperature weighs heavily on how you really feel. There are other ways to make the temperature bearable, besides the air conditioning system. One of them is using the right type of materials for your roof. Just like the lightly-colored clothes you wear on the hot weather days to keep the sun and its UV rays away, a lightly colored roof will help lower the temperature in your home, but there is more to the story than that.

The main objective of a roof in a warm area is to reflect light as much as possible. To accomplish this, the best option you have is to use tiles, preferably made from cement or ceramic. They can reflect as much as 77% of the sunlight, meaning that a lot less heat is absorbed. If you turn to the right roofing contractor, Escondido CA based or from the surroundings, you may be able to get this material at prices lower than the market average.

Another great option is the white metal roof. It has a lower reflectivity rate, but it compensates through other features. For example, it cools down faster during the night, and it can store heat in wintertime. It is highly recommended by any roofing contractor, Escondido CA homeowners who are already enjoying the benefits of this type of roof assuring that it is worth the investment.

While some find the white metal roof quite expensive, most agree that its durability makes it worth every cent. The only tricky part is having it built at the right angle, to prevent the reflected light from blinding your neighbors or passing drivers.

Another option you should consider is the white barrel “S” tile roof. It is an effective solution for the hot weather in this part of California. Its special form means a larger surface to be covered, more light reflected (around 74%) and better air flow.

While all these options may seem attractive, and there are others available as well, the best solution to choose between them is to turn to the best roofing contractor Escondido CA hosts and get specialized advice, personalized according to your needs and your home’s particularities.

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